HISPIRE | About our team

On your side. Now and always.

From the heart

Our philosophy

We believe in you and the potential for your business to grow when exposed to the right mix of care and technology. We work with your budget so you can receive the quality service you deserve at a fair price.

A note on honesty

If you don’t need it, we won’t try to sell it to you. If you ask for it and we know (based on our resources, expertise and the latest technologies) that it’s not the right path to take, we’ll tell you. That’s what we’re here for.

From the brain

How we work

We stand by a cyclic process that starts with, and circles back to analysis. We constantly analyze every aspect of your business (from web traffic and social media stats to sales) so we can advise you properly every step of the way, with hard data behind our actionable recommendations.

The internet evolves quickly and those that don’t keep up risk falling behind. We keep your business relevant amongst the changes.

In the flesh

Meet the team

We’re a small agency of innovative individuals from NY and Madrid with shared beliefs and a passion for getting things done, the right way.

Jorge MD Ramos

The Codeman

Co-Founder, CTO & Full Stack Developer

Jamie Caroccio

The Content Lady

Co-Founder & Content Strategist

Iñigo Leza

The Brandman

Art Director & Designer

Antonio Dueñas

The Marketeer

Online Marketing Director

Andrés Villa

The Goodsider

Photography Director

““From the beginning, HiSpire discovered our preferences and needs through a fluid communication to give us just the results we were looking for. From the content and web format to our new Apicatando logo, which started from our very own sketch and HiSpire succeeded in creating a quality animated and attracive brand image. I think the most important quality HiSpire has is that they respect your ideas and their capability to give them the essential touch to succeed online.” Iñaki Huete Lizarazu, Apicatando