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From the Hive to the Internet

The project

Apicatando is a small business that produces and sells artisanal honey locally in Candeleda, Spain.

When we met them, they were in need of branding, a simple website and quality photography to showcase their products and emphasize their environmentally friendly and natural production process.

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Website & responsive design

Since they only sell their honey locally, an online shop wasn’t necessary for them. Instead, we focused on creating a simple and easy to navigate website where their target audience (locals in their rural town) can access the information they're looking for. With its responsive design, Apicatando can be viewed easily on all devices and screens, ensuring their brand exhibits consistency and reliability to its visitors 24/7.


Branding lies at the heart of our project with Apicatando.

As a new business, they needed everything from scratch: a logo design, appropriate palette, font, graphic design and labels for their honey jars.

Logo design

Based on their original logo idea, we started designing prototypes until we landed on the face of their brand. As avid advocates for bee preservation, we knew it was important to display the protagonist front and center. We created a friendly, yet professional image that embodies their philosophy.

Graphic Design

To keep their image consistent, we crafted simple, friendly and colorful icons to compliment their work ethic and philosophy.


By studying their business ecosystem and target audience, we organized their web content in a way that made sense for their users. We adapted their content to emphasize what’s important to their local customers: the products they sell, their work ethic and the family behind the business.


We traveled to the bee farm to see their work first hand. We took the quality photos that now adorn their web, giving Apicatando the professionalism they were looking for. Since they’re a family oriented business, we sought to provide a glimpse into both the personal and professional life behind the brand.