HISPIRE | Portfolio - Brainnasium

From Brain to Brand

The project

Brainnasium is an affordable form of neurofeedback training that improves relaxation and productivity, helping boost performance in business, sport and life.

When they came to us, they were looking to spruce up their image online and attract more clients. After they consulted with us, we created a plan of attack: new brand image, a website that could grow and scale as their business does and a formal social media strategy to start getting the word out.


The first step was to create the face of Brainnasium. We knew a brain would be involved; it was just a matter of finding the perfect version of it. Since they’ll be targeting different client profiles (musicians, businessmen, athletes, spas and gyms) it was important to choose a neutral image that radiates relaxation and would speak to everyone.

With such a rich yet complicated subject, they needed to explain neurofeedback training in a way that would make sense to the general public. We designed and wrote a friendly and easy to follow infographic, introducing the cute blue brain character that lives on their website and explains the benefits of their service.

To keep it consistent, we designed their business cards and brochures and helped them create posters to hang around their office.

Website & responsive design

The first step to creating their online presence was to create a fully-responsive digital home. We created a clean layout that’s easy to navigate, user-friendly and completely on brand. We carefully designed the user flow to guide users from the homepage to learning more about Brainnasium to discovering the benefits and finally contacting them to try a session.


With so much content, deciding how to say what and where exactly to place it was a critical part of developing the user flow of their website. We translated the science jargon into a language their audience understands, making it clear, concise and catchy while maintaining the professional yet friendly voice they sought.