HISPIRE | Portfolio - Kara Pixie

Art that matches your life

The project

Kara Pixie is a local artist whose work reflects the hidden complexities of what it means to live and work with a chronic illness in the city that never sleeps while pursuing a passion for fine art.


Kara Pixie sought a small, dedicated team to help her get established online and start building her personal brand. We helped her create a digital space where she can illustrate her story and interact with others in the online art community.

Website & responsive design

We wanted her beautifully crafted pieces to speak for themselves so we created a simple and clean digital gallery. We integrated her Etsy and social media accounts so her fans can easily purchase her work and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. With Esty fully integrated in her new site, the artist can easily update her portfolio and products as desired.


From the slogan that greets you on the homepage to the finely-tuned ‘About’ section, we worked with Kara Pixie to delicately intertwine two fundamental components of her work - her story and her art.


We wouldn’t have done the artist justice if we didn’t include high quality professional photographs of her work in our project together. We collaborated with NYC photographer, Nate Wind to gather photographic evidence of the Kara Pixie art trail, giving the artist ample supply of material to update and share online as her passion and business grow.