HISPIRE | Portfolio - Magnet Bound Press

From land to store

The project

Magnet Bound Press is a Nashville-based boutique publishing house founded by photographer Michael Weintrob. Empowering artists with the freedom to create by providing support and exposure, they produce superior quality fine art books and limited edition fine art prints.

17 years in the making, their latest publication, InstrumentHead, is a visual depiction of the musician’s soul come to life. Featuring 369 artists from all over the globe, this is a book experience like none other. This year, INSTRUMENTHEAD won the Independent Book Publisher’s Award for Most Outstanding book design.


Behind every great project, there’s a dedicated team working hard behind the scenes to bring all the pieces together in one organized, functional piece. We were delighted to handle the online development and design portion of this project.

Landing page

The first vital component to this project was creating a digital showroom for the book, INSTRUMENTHEAD. With Michael Weintrob’s work front and center, it wasn’t hard to create a visually stunning showcase, with a series of altering background images for each session, giving the user a taste of the book content.

As the central spot to display Instrumenthead, we designed the landing page with a focus on one central action: PRE-ORDER (and later, ORDER). The goal - present the user with an opportunity to learn more about the work and gently nudge them to one central action: purchase.

E-commerce website

Simply showcasing the book experience wasn’t enough. The driving force behind this page is the online store we set up behind the scenes, giving Magnet Bound Press easy access to host new high end products from any featured artists they may have.

Website & responsive design

While the store lies at the core of our project together, we put on our design and development caps to create the newsroom that showcases all of Artists press coverages.

The shop is easy to use and helps facilitate an easy shop, checkout and payment process. We also added the review functionality so happy buyers can leave behind kind words about their awesome experience with their products.