HISPIRE | Portfolio - Magus Entertainment

Reimagining Magus

The project

After founding one of the leading independent international entertainment PR firms that represented superstars such as The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Guns N’ Roses and Janet Jackson, Wendy Laister went on to found Magus Entertainment. We had the fortune of working with the New York City-based, full service management company that currently represents the likes of Duran Duran, Kai and Anamanaguchi.


Originally, the management company only sought a simple web makeover. But, we soon realized they were in need of an entire brand revamp. Knowing that their new web design would depend on the rebrand, we recommended starting with updating their logo design.


Based on their responses to our detailed design brief, we learned that Magus was looking for a modern and minimalistic design. They needed an updated look to represent their philosophy and the work they do developing and unlocking value for the artists they work with.

We began the rebrand process by creating a few conceptual designs for them to choose from. From there, we played with different color palettes until deciding on a grayscale for their new look.

They wanted to allude to the literary character that inspired their name without conjuring up too many cliches (like stars or a wand) or creating an image of an entire wizard. After a few rounds of revisions, they picked their favorite minimalistic drawing.

To match their new look, we designed and printed new business cards for employees in their New York and California offices. To wrap up the rebrand, we created a brand book for them to follow to maintain brand quality and consistency across the board - from internal documents like invoices and contracts to marketing materials.

Website & responsive design

While the company was thriving offline, their online space needed to be reclaimed. Magus needed a simple, responsive website with a classic design and the capability to update content internally, as needed.

Since we knew they’d be handling updates to the site themselves, we built their new site in WordPress, a CMS that would give them the control they needed. We added two of their current clients to the “Artist” section as examples and set up an hour-long 1:1 video tutorial to walk them through the process.

With a brand new online image, the well known music management company now has a digital home that properly reflects the marvelous work they do and showcases the talented artists they do it with.