HISPIRE | Portfolio - Real Life Wellness

Journey to a new look

The project

Cheryl Bohonyi, the founder of Real Life Wellness, is an integrative health coach who teaches practical ways to incorporate healthy habits into a hectic lifestyle.


Cheryl initially came to us solely seeking an updated logo. She knew she wanted to include calm blues and greens in her new color palette. What she didn’t know was the the exact design elements that would entail. She craved something exciting, bright and personal. To better understand what she was looking for and to come up with a clear direction of how to proceed, we created a shared Pinterest board. There, she could pin other elements (designs, words, pictures) she found pleasing. This allowed us to learn more about her design preferences. We observed many images of succulents and hummingbirds. From this board, we were able to extract recurring themes of nature, freedom and holistic care.


With a better sense of her preferences, it was now time to connect the personal to the professional in a brand new logo design.

First, we sketched out the conceptual drawings you see here. We played with the image of a succulent as a symbol of nature and growth. You wouldn't find hummingbirds hanging around succulents, however, so we had to think of a different way to incorporate the theme of flight and freedom.

With a predominantly female following, adding a feminine touch to her new design simply made sense. It also left room to play with themes fundamental to her work with clients: flight, growth and ultimately, freedom.

After sketching up some ideas with these new symbols, her new logo design began to take shape.

Once we had a clear image that Cheryl was happy with, we began the digitization process. We balanced out those calm, natural blues and greens with brighter purple succulent tones.

Website & responsive design

After creating a beautifully personalized logo and new brand image, the next step for Real Life Wellness was a web makeover.

We revamped an outdated site, opting for an updated design that would properly align with the new, high quality image. Since some fun, digital products are in the works, we equipped the new website with an online store where customers will can browse, shop and purchase.


We created a graphic for her upcoming Real Life Wellness Podcast and crafted a new slogan directed at her target audience:

Practical advice for the modern mom.

We had a lot of fun with this logo revamp. The process reinforced the importance of digging deep into a business to tie together core beliefs, philosophy and service offerings in one unified brand image.