HISPIRE | Portfolio - Wayfarer

Language camp immersed in the digital space

The project

Wayfarer Language Camps is a UK-based summer school program founded on the core principle of immersion. They provide students with an experience that broadens the mind, linguistically and culturally.


We began working together when the program was founded in 2015. That first year, we worked closely with the founders to develop an image that would reflect their core philosophies of immersion and adventure and to develop a simple informational site to promote their new program. After their first, very successful summer camp, they came back to us to start brainstorming for the next summer.


In 2015, we created a logo design that is youthful yet professional, mirroring their philosophy and work ethic.

For their second summer, they needed printed marketing materials. We helped them draft, structure and optimize pre-existing content and designed an informational PDF handout.

To maintain brand consistency and personalization, we customized icons for their website and decorated their new design with polaroid-inspired photos to showcase their 2016 adventures.

Website & responsive design

For their first year in business, they needed a simple, fully-responsive informational website where parents interested in hosting Spanish students could contact them. After completing their first summer camp, they sat down with us to discuss their goals for their second year.

Their primary goal for their second year in business was to find a French partner to continue to grow and diversify their program.

Before updating their custom website, we went back to the drawing board to map out the user flow for their two primary users: host families and potential partners. We drafted a new structure, making the user experience as easy-to-follow and intuitive as possible. Based on this flow, we created a new wireframe, which included a new FAQ section for families and partners, as well as English-French translation capability.


We worked with Wayfarer to organize their content, extracting relevant headlines and taglines. We optimized their content to ensure clarity, professionalism and a friendly tone for each of their respective audiences.