Kara Pixie | Fine art | Hispire
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Kara Pixie | Fine art

Copywriting, Design, Development, Ecommerce
About This Project

Kara Pixie is a local artist whose work reflects the hidden complexities of what it means to live and work with a chronic illness in the city that never sleeps while pursuing a passion for fine art.

Kara Pixie sought a small, dedicated team to help her get established online and start building her personal brand. We helped her create a digital space where she can illustrate her story and interact with others in the online art community.

Ethical Entrepreneurs: Mission, Morals, and Money

Are you tired of seeing the crevices of the internet (and world) filled with spammers, false promises, and a general lack of humanity?

As entrepreneurs, the technology we support and the messages we manifest through our brands hold the power to impact people, communities, and our profits.

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